Pantelis & Luz Xikis

“About One and a half month ago we have to put one of our property for sale. We call Rosie Papagiannakis and in no time Rosie came to our need.She put our house in the market and the first person that went to see the house,fall in love with it. They put a offer in and we accepted.After that was a role coaster with the inspector and different permits but Rosie was there in the top of all that and everything was ok by closing day.We close in the house on October 20th 2015.And im so glad that is a young couple with the baby that bought the house and they can make a lots of memories in this beautiful home.Thank you Rosie Papagiannakis for selling our house so fast.I will recommend your service to anybody that is willing to buy o sale any property.Thank you Rosie for a job well done.”

— Pantelis & Luz Xikis